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PVC Fenetres et Portes

PVC Fenetres et Portes

Extruded uPVC profile for windows and doors systems manufacturing is a modern solution, developing more and more both in Romania, and especially in the EU countries.

This tendency is a direct result of the characteristics of these systems:
- Minimum expenses: reduced acquisition cost compared to other systems, reduction on heating loss from the home at very low levels: thermal transfer coefficients up to 1.1 W/(m˛K).
- Increased phonic comfort (they can reduce the level of noise entering the house by up to 40-50 dB).
- Easy maintenance, not requiring repeated painting or varnishing.
- Perfect tightening, by using double rubber gaskets of a high quality, as well as by profiles welded jointbr /> - Optimal resistance by using zinc-coated reinforcing of 1.5 mm.
- Special esthetics and unlimited color possibilities.
- German trimming manufactured by GU - European leader, guaranteed at minimum 15,000 closing-opening cycles, with different possibilities of opening (side hung, tilt and turn, folding).
- Insulating glazing units 4-16-4 mm type clear, ornament, anti-breach, colored, reflexive with thermal transfer coefficient of 2.8 W/(m˛K), as well as Low-E termopan (thermal-pan) glass with thermal transfer coefficient of 1.4 W/mpK

Considering all these things, but also our clients’ needs for quality, our company’s specialists have chosen as suppliers for the raw material used, the German companies Rehau (profiles), GU (trimmings), Spectrum Industries (insulating glazing units).

In order to valorize these raw materials, our company is endowed with equipments, for latest generation production, manufactured by the German company Urban GmbH, providing a high quality of the finished product.