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Group of Companies GEALAN Fenster-Systeme is today a very modern and secure enterprise with a high degree of flexibility and capacity to adapt to the needs of increasingly demanding market. GEALAN continued expansion policy consistently valuing chances appeared after opening markets in Eastern Europe. For this purpose they were created special partnerships and companies in these countries have adopted specific strategies to meet consumers' complete. They created the premises for the strong market positioning and competitive skill development duration.

Partnership and trust are core values of the group GEALAN. They determine our behavior in relationships with customers, suppliers and employees and also involves, responsibilities and commitment to employees. In a market in continuous change, these strategies form the mainstay of our business.

Well trained and motivated staff in the country and abroad is the aspiration to guarantee that high-level economic development is fully entitled.

Our actions are based on decades of experience in manufacturing PVC profiles.

With over 1,200 employees and a significant presence in European markets GEALAN group of companies is a strong competitor in the market of PVC windows.

Daily GEALAN the 11 subsidiaries in Europe are delivered tens of thousands of feet of PVC profiles, profiles whose quality is known and appreciated in countries like Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Hungary, Slovakia, Spain, Poland, Russia , Ukraine, Italy, etc.. In all factories GEALAN production runs after the ISO 9001 quality control according to which the entry is made from raw materials and ending with the finished product verification.