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Courtain Walls


It is the successor of the classical curtain walls M1 and M2, evolved to three directions:
- Better thermal barrier qualities.
- Emphasis on the simplicity of the fabrication.
- Advanced water outflow system, achieved by special insulation gaskets and wider drainage pipes.

Therefore the M6 Curtain wall system has :
- Wide variety of covers, which offer many design options, like decorative covers from aluminium or inox.
- High thermal break qualities which may reach up to RMG 1.0 (DIN V 4108-4).
- Belongs to the category of the water impermeability E600 (according to prEN 12208).
- It does not need any special mechanical support for its construction.
- It has wide range of applications, (flat to complex canted curtain wall constructions and combinations with the sky wall M10800 atrium).
- Large variety of cross-sections for large dimensions cells.
- Has outwards opening windows, that when are closed do not stand out from the remainder.
- The system cooperates perfectly with the opening thermal break M11000 Alutherm Plus systems (windows or doors).
- Glazing options between 24 mm to 50 mm.