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Courtain Walls

M 10800 Skylight Alutherm

Atrium constructions are a solution of advanced aesthetics in modern buildings.
They also solve the problem of lack natural lighting in internal areas.
M10800 system is the most proven solution for this style of constructions.

Technical Characteristics:

Satisfies many different applications like pyramids, sky lights, casings.
Provides structural solutions for producing multi-bezel solutions and finishes of drain pipes, which can be combined with the remaining construction Supported by cross-sections for creating atriums of big dimensions, without any further mechanical support.
The materials used are vertical and horizontal aluminium profiles, inox screws and other means of connection, which represent great endurance in time and do not corrode.

Glazing options between 24 mm to 50 mm.
The system cooperates perfectly with the Curtain wall for the fabrication of complex structures like curtain walls which end in skylights, domes etc.
It can be used in swimming pools, gym centers and commercial centers creating a pleasant environment.