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Facades Cladding

Facades cladding

A practical way, more and more present within the urban environment, is represented by the definition of "modern personality" of a new or renovated building, by ample facades, covered with composite materials. The major advantage of such a facade results from the inclusion of light materials that do not stress the building’s resistance structure, durable and easily maintained.

There are several ways of executing the ventilated facades, but from functional and especially esthetic considerations, "Plus Confort" company promotes facade covering in bond type composite aluminum cases.

The advantages of this type of material are numerous:
  • modern and impressive aspect
  • easiness of processing the material, its cutting being possible, curved and bent in order to obtain the shape and size wanted
  • high rigidity on surface unit under the conditions of an extremely reduced weight
  • increased resistance to the aggression of environmental factors (rain, ultraviolet radiations, pollution)
  • homologated fire resistance according to the current requirements
  • easy maintenance, restraining the impurities to impregnate in the material
  • it comes under a large range of colors
  • esthetic and physical features remain unchanged in time.
In essence the material consists of a composite panel made of two external layers of aluminum with a standard 0,5 mm thickness joined by a high density polyethylene core. The thickness of the resulted sandwich can be of 3,4 or 6 millimeters, depending on the specific needs.

The finished product - cassete - is obtained by three-dimensional processing of the bond sheets. Cassetes are fixed on the facade into a grid particularly defined by the architecture design. They are rigid, and the sandwich effect provides the vibrations amortization and non-deformation under conditions of high wind pressure. The visible part is covered by a multi-layer painting process that guarantees an excellent resistance in time.

"Plus Confort" is able to offer design, execution and assembling services for cases with materials originating from the most famous manufacturers in the field: Alucobond, Etalbond, Jbond and Reynobond. Choosing one of the brands depends on the client’s preferences, mentioning that each manufacturer has its own range of color, and some of them offer special products for outdoor covering - Alucobond, Etalbond, Jbond and Reynobond, or indoor covering - Etal light or DiBond).