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Courtain Walls

Courtain Walls

When architects want a glass and aluminum facade, we can provide all services necessary for the fulfillment of the most daring architectural plans.

Facades of glass and aluminum self-supporting, with thermal and noise insulating properties commonly called the "curtain wall". The structure can be applied to vertical planes, for those inclined to negative or positive slope, but also for the roof (skylights and domes).

Curtain walls is an easy way to "dress" a building. The time of execution of work is small, and their maintenance is relatively cheap and easy.

There are several types, of which the most common are the classic profile visible glass covering both vertically and horizontally, the semi-structural, where only an aluminum highlight, and the structure in which the outside can see only the glass, applied on aluminum profiles special silicone sealing a product. For structural curtain wall, semi-structural, are only visible narrow EPDM gaskets between glass and glass mesh, giving the impression of a wall entirely of glass, with a great aesthetic impact. Obviously, this type of curtain wall is the most expensive.

Curtain walls can be combined with composite facade cladding aluminum hard bond type (Alucobond, Reynobond, Etalbod, Jbond, Exalcobond).

For these types we can provide a fast execution and best quality, as we demonstrated from 2003 and until now, witness the multitude of works on the curtain that I made.

These are projects specific to each work, based on plans made by architects and specialized companies.

Experience has shown that there is a real demand for companies that can ensure a high quality and professional approach to this problem, in strict compliance with new regulations in the area ventilated curtain walls and facades.

Following this experience, we are among the few specialists able to offer a solution that respects the architect's vision, beneficiary expectations and project requirements, ensuring an extremely competitive price.