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Aluminium Joinery

Aluminium Joinery

Focused on design, the need for complex joinery systems, durable and with diverse architectural possibility, have imposed the aluminum as ideal solution.

More and more clients define their identity through buildings having wide glazing, glass curtain walls, wintergardens, where aluminium is absolutely necessary.

At the same time, this solution is also perfectly compatible with individual homes, through aluminum profiles with thermal barrier, which provides a very good insulation and high resistance to the action of environmental factors for up to 50 years.

Compared to the competitive systems, the aluminum joinery guarantees the easiest maintenance, the color remaining unchanged in time. The color range is practically unlimited, offering exceptional architectural possibilities.

Aluminium systems have metal specific resistance, additional reinforcing being unnecessary, the resistance obtained under reduced weight conditions, having minimum effect on buildings’ resistance.

The polyamide thermal barrier eliminates the metal thermal conductivity, providing a thermal coefficient close to the one of PVC systems.

Trimming is manufactured by Lavaal - Italy, guaranteed for minimum 15,000 closing-opening cycles, with different opening possibilities (side hung, tilt and turn, sliding).

Thermal-insulating glass used has a 4-16-4 mm clear type structure, ornament, anti-breach, colored, reflexive with thermal transfer coefficient of 2.8 W/(mēK), as well as Low-E termopan glass with thermal transfer coefficient of 1.4 W/mpK.

In order to valorize these raw materials, our company is endowed with equipments, for latest generation production, manufactured by the German company Urban GmbH, providing a high quality of the finished product.