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Facades cladding


• Unique and special

Trespa Meteon ensure that the panel is a full plywood made of heat resistant resins homogeneously reinforced with wood fibers, produced in high temperature and pressure conditions. Through advanced technology and patented worldwide (EBC), polymerization electronic bombardment, integrated decorative surface is obtained in plywood.

Trespa Meteon ensure that the panel is used for cladding facades, balconies, attics and street furniture, sandwich panels, in particular outdoor applications.

Trespa Meteon ensure that the panel is particularly suited for fašade insulation allowing good ventilation with positive consequences not only on the indoor climate and energy balance.

• Weatherproof

Trespa Meteon that the panel is extremely weather resistant. Sun, rain, including acid rain, moisture will not affect the surface or core plywood. UV resistance and color stability are very high gray scale corresponding to the international (ISO 105A02) steps 4-5. Large or rapid variations in temperature - 200 to + 800 C will not affect the properties, stability or appearance of the plywood. Visible colors will not change at least 10 years even in severe weather conditions or in highly polluted industrial areas.

• Easy to maintain, clean

Nonporoase plywood surfaces do not allow submission of adhesion of dirt. Surfaces or edges of the plywood does not require protective coatings. Ensure that the panel is not affected by household cleaning agents or strong organic solvents.

• High mechanical strength

High elasticity, tensile and compressive strength guarantees a very high impact resistance. Homogeneity and density of the core high resistance to ensure that the panel pull-out application of fasteners. This is particularly important when the panel is fixed with screws or small dowels back. The stability and workability of plywood ensure that the panel is comparable with hard woods but not affected by moisture, mold or degraded by weathering and rot.

• Conduct fire safety

Standard ensure that the panel corresponds to class B2 (DIN) and class B1 FR range. Plywood keeps its form for a long time, not melt, no salt chips. Ensure that the panel is classified by several European testing institutes in the best class of fire resistance of organic materials.

• Environment

Environmental protection has always been considered in the development and manufacture ensure that the panel plywood.

Plywood is composed of about 70% softwood fibers and 30% binder (resin thermal curing). Pine wood used is the rapid growth of European forests. Thus 85% of raw materials are quickly replaced, more than about 10% of remnants formed in the production process are reused.

Trespa International was among the first manufacturers of plywood that have obtained ISO 14001 environmental certification granted by Lloyd's Register. ISO 14001 describes the steps necessary for the development, commissioning, operating, maintaining and improving a system of integrated environmental management.

Plywood (its waste) can be recycled thermal energy recovery in the industrial incinerator because it does not contain heavy metals, halogens, bio-acids.

• Certifications

The main European certifying bodies that work in the European Union for approval (UEATC) have certified Trespa Meteon and fastening systems ensure that the panel recommended.

Approvals were granted considerable following bodies: KOMO, DIBT, BUTGB, CSTB, TORROJA.

The panel boards TRESPA METEON are CE marked.