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Entering on a well defined and highly competitive market, the only winning strategy was to use modern technologies and the latest technology capable of providing a competitive advantage. With the help of external experts, whose advice I went to, we introduced each subdomain of activity, new elements from the art market.

Key elements in the production of PVC joinery, are modern welding technology to 0.2 mm, which unlike most commonly used by competitors, ensuring a great elegance especially for color profiles. Linked by trimming staff operating a computer with high-tech equipment, ensure a higher quality finished product that we successfully export to Italy, France and Switzerland.

Regarding aluminum joinery, competitive advantage is the combination of teaching by using electro-crimping presses, instead of conventional technology by raising hand corner. The benefit is obvious, the new technology ensures a perfect seal, unaffected by human factors and temporal variations. In the field of joinery and installation of curtain walls, we were the first company that anticipated the benefits of using vans instead of 3.5 tonnes versus Dacia classic shoe. This allowed us a much better optimization in high-end projects. Later, we added the use of electro-suction cup for large windows, coupled with the use of a telehandler machine type. The thermal rehabilitation, the key is the use of electric platform erecting scaffolding in place of the classical fixed, visible results in increased productivity on flat surfaces. For all applications, we use laser levels self to a perfect alignment.