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Tamplarie PVC


Profile of elite German manufacturer, version 5 rooms, class, depth 70mm, rounded wing or right, present in either white, white with imitation wood, on the outside or completely foiled. It is used to get the windows elegant and expressive.

Technical Description:
  • Constructive Depth: 70 mm
  • Number of rooms: 5 rooms
  • Thermal insulation: Uf = 1,3 W / mē K (Standard Arm)
  • Thermal insulation: the fixture with thermal barrier: Uf = 1,2 W / mē K
  • Soundproofing: Sound protection up to Class 5 (VDI 2719)
  • Burglar Protection: up to resistance class 3 (DIN V ENV 1627)
  • Leak currents of air / rain: to request group C (DIN 18 055)
  • Solution building corners anti condensation
  • The possibility of fitting with glass consisting of two or three sheets of glass with a total depth of the package up to 32mm