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Production of PVC windows and doors is a relatively new activity in Romania, but with considerable experience in Western Europe, this place used to import most assemblies. Major advantages of this type of profiles are excellent thermal insulation and very affordable price compared to aluminum profiles with thermal barrier or of wood. Inappropriate to generalize the term "windows" or "insulated" to refer to including elements of extruded PVC double glazed sealed.

  1. The classification profiles according to climate zones (moderate or severe) and wall thickness of the Main profile. Thus there are profiles recommended for severe weather class main wall of the main wall thickness is greater than 2.8 mm (if we even Rehau 3mm), Class B for use in areas with moderate climate with a wall thickness of over 2 , 5 mm (2.7 mm if we Rehau) and class C has no requirement.
  2. Number of rooms - number of separate compartments that make up the profile, visible in this section. As there are several rooms with both thermal and sound insulation is better.
  3. Color code - which means the color film and color profile external mass when stained profiles.
  4. Depth profile - the size of a section width of the profile.

Demands of architects and builders on a window are as diverse as the goals on which construction work performed. Who wants to have a partner currently responsible should not leave any question unanswered. Therefore, REHAU offers solutions for all cases: from systems to standard window system for passive house windows certificate. To be present on all major international markets, REHAU has developed a range of products adapted to national and regional.