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Facades Cladding


Description: plywood with veneer, hard bakelite, with applications for exterior and wet acrylic film are protected against weathering, UV radiation and are resistant to chemical attack (Antigraffiti). Plywood can be provided with a fire resistance class.


Fastening / Clamping visible: Fix is done on wooden strips impregnated with weatherproof cross section of 70 x 40 x 40 or 100 and / or 80 x 40. Fix can be done on the corresponding aluminum substructure. Accepted ditch bolts stainless steel 5.5 x 35 (45) and can deliver V4A heads painted wood color.

Fixing / fastening hidden: hidden fixing is achieved by means of brackets Alu 6005, with dimensions of 80 x 40 mm, fixed to the wall with stainless steel anchor pins HRD - 10/80/10 HDS. Console will support a vertical profile of T via a screw connection profile, which will be fixed horizontal support profiles of the guides. On foot vertical profile T is clamped horizontal profile through two self-threaded screws. Thus enabling the support panel horizontal profile through the guide plate attached by two screws screwed. You may also use other systems asemanaoare, to the extent permissible.

Paste: Fixing is made by bonding with adhesive SIKA TACK (or equivalent) directly on wooden / aluminum. Supporting structure will be treated before gluing. Double sided tape will be used to support panels.