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Facades cladding


Naturalbond panels are used in civil, social, cultural, industrial and protective role. Not for decoration, mounted on supporting elements secured to the building. Fields of application are: interior and exterior cladding on walls, beams, st soles, curtain walling, door panels, partitions, bridges, tunnels, elevators, galleries, exhibitions, banks, exhibition stands, gas stations, airports, etc.. These panels allow easy mounting of thermal insulation, and maximum freedom in choice of shapes, colors, textures. Naturalbond Plywood panels may be used in interior and exterior wall cladding of buildings without limitation, the terms of their destination. These panels shows resistance to simultaneous action of static and dynamic loads, reliability, features corresponding to the accepted fire.

Essential criteria of sustainability refers to metinerea while the physico-chemical and mechanical, dimensional stability and waterproof. Sustainability is at least 20 years. Products are guaranteed by the manufacturer for a period of approx. 10 years, if compliance with the conditions of work and intensity of shares for calculating the service life. Maintenance of these panels is washed with neutral detergent.


In accordance with Law no. 10/1995 on quality aluminum composite panels in construction have adequate performance and the six areas of application requirements:
  • Strength and stability - the panels do not affect this requirement.
  • Reliability - the panels do not affect this requirement and non-hazardous to users.
  • Fire safety - the panels fall into Class C2 combustibility. Fire products is approximately 3 minutes.
  • Hygiene, human health, and environmental restoration - the products have a corresponding reaction without removal of pollutants. Do not contain harmful substances, does not pollute. Not hazardous to environment and human health. The material components are not toxic, does not emit pollutants, are not radioactive and are not included in the list of noxious substances carcinogenic or carcinogenic potential for humans, according to Ministry of Health Order no. 1957/1995.
  • Thermal insulation, waterproofing and energy saving - ventilation characteristics of aluminum composite panels are negligible. The products are water resistant.
  • Protection against noise - products index shows a sound attenuation of 26dB.

  • Advantages

  • Naturalbond panels are light weight structure to reduce building costs compared with standard procedures that have stone cladding on average 25 -50 kg / m).
  • Naturalbond panels meet the requirements of the loads from wind and suction.
  • Naturalbond panels allow achieving a high quality thermal insulation system.
  • Naturalbond panels from architectural point of view, looks like a noble and allow the surface shape and size.
  • Sonic Naturlabond panels provide great comfort.