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Facades Cladding


For people who create - Fundermax offers the ideal combination of ingredients: a wide range of products tailored to each use in a wide range of settings, from a high level as evidenced in numerous applications and projects.

Fundermax GmbH is a holding company that brings together two of the 2005 traditional producers of fiberboard or laminated materials from Austria, Funder and Isomax. The five factories have a history of over 60 years, based on applying the latest technical knowledge related to the highest standards of physical construction, environmental protection and waste management.

Quality in top form

Placile Fundermax Compact are cards compact high pressure laminates (HPL) with decoration and protection on both sides laminated, flexible and very durable. The core is composed of layers of wood fibers (60%) and pressed at high temperature phenolic resin, which offers a resistance to temperature fluctuations and fire. Protective surfaces, and decorative they are made of acrylic-polyurethane resins, which provide resistance to scratching, staining or fading.

As construction material, the Compact is positioned at the forefront of all decorative trends, composition and functionality. Both the collections at the exterior and interior, it is possible to make any decorative pattern, and diversity of formats as well as special cover with aluminum foil generates unlimited application possibilities.

Compact Fundermax noted over the decades as a strong and durable material in high demand areas such as design in hospitals, finishing the exterior walls, buildings or public spaces or cubicles and lockers in sports.

Fundermax Compact

Product features for users:
  1. High resistance to weather, wind, frost or rain
  2. Hard surfaces, double reinforced
  3. Shock resistance, scratch or chemical agents
  4. Decorative Qualities
  5. Self-supporting
  6. Supports a great effort by bending
  7. Full and easy cleaning
  8. Easy Installation
Fields of application

Fundermax has imposed stringent quality standards in manufacturing and aspire to contribute to the achievement of an environment comfortable, healthy and creative urban or residential areas where people live or work.

The advantage of using these cards is getting a low energy, and unlimited configuration possibilities plated decorative surfaces, both at home and at industrial buildings, commercial or public, in new construction or renovations of old buildings.
  • Ventilated Facades
  • Urban Facilities
  • Balconies or railing of stairs
  • Interior
  • Wall cladding
  • Manufacturing toilet cubicles or lockers
  • Furniture