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Facades cladding

ETERNIT - Fibrociment

A traditional building material and future - cement is the perfect product for modern buildings. Patented more than a century, this material primarily through convinced the quality and the safe and sustainable design.

Rolling Eternity

In early 20th century in the era of maximum expansion of reinforced concrete, dominated by the inventiveness and audacity of the most renowned engineers, Ludwig Hatschek discovered an entirely new product that combines light weight, waterproof with the capacity to be unbreakable - and this in conditions very convenient cost. This revolutionary new material, was patented by L. Hatschek worldwide in 1903 as "eternal"

Whether it's roofing shingles, roofing tiles and facade panels, fiber cement products are manufactured with professionalism and precision technique using the most modern machines and technologies and are constantly subjected to quality control and weight tests.


Fiber cement boards have some special properties that confer significant advantages in construction:
  1. Optical Layout liked, similar to natural stone, complemented by intense colors or transparent, adaptable to modern construction or restoration of old buildings
  2. Lightweight - easier framing and roofs, facades and structures required to charge less
  3. Increased stiffness - covers more resistant to loading of snow, covering the facade safer bending or pulling
  4. Physico-mechanical stability, while its shape plates
  5. Resistance to heat and frost, which provides extended durability
  6. Not deform, crack or not, do not grind - the roof remains watertight, facade remains protected
  7. Available in large format for easy processing and high efficiency
  8. Not melt in fire and toxic fumes are not guarantees a good resistance to fire
  9. They lifespan of 40-50 years and generate more profit from investment
  10. Guaranteed systems including installation and connection accessories from the same supplier, for the integrity and strength of the roof or facade
Fields of application
- for pitched roof coverings
- Brickwork Cladding.

Roofs and facades cement boards are ideal solutions for both residential and for industrial buildings, commercial and public new construction or renovation of old buildings.

The advantage of using these cards is getting a low energy, and special appearance plated surfaces, which resemble that of natural stone - granite slate to the roof or the facade.