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Facades cladding


Etalbond ® is a technologically advanced product whose unique features ease design. Straight and curved surfaces in bright colors, give a new aspect of any buildings. Attractive and flexible Etalbond metal plating solution is ideal for interior and exterior surfaces. The material is lightweight, durable and insulating, thus effectively ensuring the energy level of the building. It is also easily modeled in a variety of forms (Etalbond processing) and mounts easily. Etalbond composite frame is first class, "sandwich" consisting of a non-toxic polyethylene core firmly bonded between aluminum foil and thin sheets now. Etalbond sheets are produced with different core thicknesses of 2, 3 and 5mm aluminum sheets of 0.5, thick sheets of 1000, 1250, 1500 and 2000mm and lengths ranging between 1000 and 5000mm. Thus, the total thickness of Etalbond is 3, 4 and 6mm.

Aluminum brazing sheet is high pressure core of the three parties (two sheets of aluminum together with polyethylene adhesive) into the cylinders, resulting in the creation of a highly resistant surfaces and rigid composite frame. Etalbond buildings is recommended especially in polluted urban industrial areas, because frames do not require maintenance and cleaning them is simple. Designing a building can give a distinctive character all areas where there is even a city. In the modern era, innovation continues to provide its product design Etalbond best ally of the architects. It is important to maintain the beauty of the environment. Each building in open space requires a special study. Points paid on highways, gas stations, industrial buildings, canals, all have to merge naturally with the environment. For once again, Etalbond offer complete solutions.

• Ideal ratio for strength / weight
• Rigidity
• Simple modeling techniques
• Because it is easy, apart from ease of modeling and assembly, fewer technical skills are required and installation time compared to traditional working methods.
• Quick Installation
• Fix directly and very quickly.
• Resistant to adverse weather conditions (exposure and temperature)
• Which is subject to thorough tests during the manufacturing process are a guarantee for material resistance to bad weather.
• Excellent UV, thanks to which it maintains the color after long exposure to sunlight.
• Easy maintenance - spraying finish resistant to pollution and acid salts.
• Frames can be cleaned easily with mild detergent, thanks to smooth surfaces.
• Final Product
• Straight and curved surfaces, vivid color, offers a fine new buildings of any kind. Attractive and flexible Etalbond metal plating solution is ideal for interior and exterior surfaces of buildings, new or old.