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Facades cladding


Ceramic ventilated facade system consists of a timber substructure fixed mounting on the facade of buildings, installation of special aluminum profiles that form the supporting structure of clay burned plywood.

Between the building structural element and insert tiles insulating layer of mineral wool, properly sized climate zone where construction is located.

Boards can be dyed or engobes (covered by impregnating the surface layer of paint and fix it by burning).

Advantages of color and surface:
- about 90 tones in the two collections and thousend individual color combinations possible
- possibility to choose between different types of surface (natural, glazed, engobes, sandblasted, knurled)
- ideal anti-graffiti protective because of glazing
- high accuracy and precision ceramic tiles

  • Water absorption max 6% for TONALITY Klassic and curved tile TONALITY
  • Frost resistance according to EN 539 / 2
  • The product quality meets EN 1304
  • Production and management company CREATON AG are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001
  • Constant monitoring by the certification authority "Guteschutz Ziegel für das Land Bayern eV"
  • Values of static characteristics tested and approved by the authorities in Bavaria Max height tiling. 100 m
  • Fire resistance of ceramics and its aluminum substructure A1
  • The alloy material substructure AlMgSi 0.5 F22
  • Material clamping elements (screws) is A2 Stainless Steel Rule 70 class
  • Approximate weight of the ceramic 31.5 kg / m
  • Weight of complete system construction is modulated around 38 kg / m
  • Meets all requirements of DIN 18516-1