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Regardless of the difficulties encountered, both at the onset of activity, and in times of crisis, we have not ceased to offer a quality product.

To ensure that quality materials are used carefully chosen certficate ISO 9001, the report offers a price / performance optimal from leading suppliers: thermosystem (Baumit Austria), aluminum profiles with thermal barrier (Alumil – Greece; Reynaers – Belgium; Wicona – Austria; Schüco - Germany), aluminum accessories (Lavaal - Italy), PVC profile (Rehau - Germany), PVC fittings (GU - Germany), insulating glass (Guardian – Hungary; Saint Gobain - Romania).

For the production of insulating joinery so popular known as "thermopan", SC Plus Confort held technical approvals issued by the National Technical Approval in Construction, currently filled by CE, but the real quality certification is given by over 10,000 satisfied customers in working with us. Staff are trained and have certifications for all services.