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Facades Cladding

Ceramic tiles

No other material does not allow so many options to create custom sets, individual, be it interior or exterior to the terraces, garden, swimming pool as tiles or facades.
These add value and space architecture and decorations are made through their unique and attractive primarily depends exclusively to individual users.

Tiles fit perfectly into the current ecological trend: they are completely natural products that ensure sustainable development, are recyclable and can contribute substantially to energy saving when using the ventilated facades or roofs.

Last but not least, outside of aesthetics, innovations used contributes substantially to increase their functionality. Here are a few of them:
- solar panels: photovoltaic cells capture solar tiles used are embedded in the facade;
- outdoor tile that has a high resistance against common rigid parts regularly and having a single format that can be used in various urban projects;
- curved ceramic plates made by various models required for projects;
- translucent tiles in various colors that shows the advantage of enabling the use of natural light;
- Ceramic touch: embedded sensors so that they can be used in home automation projects (smart home).