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Facades cladding


Alumil J-Bond is an aluminum composite panel for interior and exterior cladding. The panel is inside a polyethylene core covered on both sides with sheet aluminum. One of the face treated with PVDF and can be painted in a variety of colors and is protected with a special film to be protected during transport. The other face is treated with a special solution for its protection.

The aluminum composite panel has a great resistance to different agents, fire, water, pollution and corrosion. Also, it can be used in many applications in the architectural field, such as airports, business offices, shop facades, curtain walls, hotels, restaurants, subways, elevators, telephone booths and many other industrial applications.

Applications with excelent results:
Decorations and internal or external signals buildings
Expozitionale stands, display panels
Inner cladding for tunnels, subways, train stations and airports
Bus stations, gas stations
Escalators, elevators, telephone booths
Partitions, false ceilings, screens
Household furniture, kitchen cabinets

It is available in the following sizes:

Thickness: 4mm

Width x Length:
  • 1, 000 mm x 3, 200 mm
  • 1, 250 mm x 3, 200 mm
  • 1500 mm x 3200 mm
and in the following colors: Silver Metallic, Champagne Metallic, Bronze Metallic, Smoke silver metallic, gray metallic, Pearl White, Ivory white, gray, blue, Bordeaux, Alumil yellow, green.