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Aluminium Joinery

ALUMIL M9650 Alutherm Light

Ideal combination of advantages of thermal barrier systems and low acquisition price, and the solution is the best selling of our offer.

Seal is designed in three layers of glazing gaskets and the package can have up to 32 mm thick.

Technical description:

- Constructive Depth: 57.5 mm 50 mm frame and sash
- Polyamide PA6.6 type with width 18 mm
- Thermal insulation 3,3 W / (mē K), group 2.2 as certified
- Tightness in the wind: Class C5
- Air tightness: A3 class
- Water tightness: E4
- Soundproofing: 35dB, class R3
- Burglar resistance: WK2

The patented "ALUSEAL" for gasket center - in the closed position, the central gasket is in contact with the profile sheet in two areas increasing tightness, also central gasket, with several rooms inside it, increases in system characteristics concerning thermal and acoustic insulation

The system has three rows of EPDM sealing gaskets (a gasket mounted on the frame outer profile case, a gasket mounted inside the frame and sash profile gasket mounted on the frame power profile case);