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Courtain Walls

ALUMIL M50 Energy

M50 is a new and cost – effective curtain wall system. M50 is a classic curtain wall mullion width of 50 mm are used the same profiles for mullions and transoms. By using the same type of profiles for mullions and transoms M50 system is more economical and more efficient in terms of heat. M50 was developed as an achievement and a simpler assembly.

Technical Characteristics:
  • The same profiles for mullions and transoms
  • Flush the interior layout
  • Cutting straight to traverse
  • Possible by the reinforcing steel profiles ECU
  • Improved heat transfer coefficient up to Uf = 1.03 W/m2K
  • Can be used to make standard or structural facades
Recently, M50 has been laboratory tested by IFT Rosenheim. The results of these tests were reported according to SR EN 13 830 standard product:
  • Air permeability: Class R7
  • Water tightness: Class R7
  • Security Tests
  • Impact resistance: class I5/E5