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ALUMIL M300 Falcon Alutherm

M300 Falcon Alutherm is a thermal – break system desinged for “lift – and – slide” frames, with EPDM gasket sealing and mechanical properties that support constructions of very large dimensions.

Technical Characteristics

  • Double motion (raises and slides), with the sash being lifted in order to open and slide, based on a special German mechanism
  • With perfect sliding on inox drivers
  • With high level of thermal insulation
  • With special insulation, which is achieved using special perimetrical gaskets (EPDM) instead of brushes, especially in locked position.
  • With multiple point locker for outmost safety
  • With large sash height (62,5 mm), which gives extra sturdiness
  • With the possibility of different color of the outdoor and the indoor view of the construction