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Facades cladding


ALUCOBOND« is setting new standards with its aesthetic, photovoltaic facade system

Contemporary architecture must be sustainable

Architects and city planners are making permanent changes to our environment, which results in a tremendous responsibility for the following generations. It is their task and their concern not only to make our towns look attractive, but also to design them so that they are sustainable and environment-friendly.

By using ALUCOBOND« photovoltaic, building owners, architects and fašade designers are able to meet today's demands for functionality, energy balance and aesthetics without having to make any compromises, and set completely new standards in energy and resource-saving architecture.

The systems can be integrated in the most differing fašade formations in a creative way. Modern buildings that use ALUCOBOND« photovoltaic look attractive are an architectonic eye catcher and contribute decisively towards protecting our environment.

Unrestricted structural options for architects and designers.
No matter whether a smaller strip, an oblong or a free, geometrical form is involved ľ the number of modules per system can be fully adapted to the style of the building according to the customer's wishes. This flexibility allows for freedom in structuring the fašades by combining photovoltaic modules with the variable formats of the ALUCOBOND« composite panels.

A vast choice of surfaces, colors and natural tones of the ALUCOBOND« composite panels are available. They can be used either as a contrast to the adjacent photovoltaic modules or ľ when using black composite panels ľ as one visual unit, even in combination with corners, curves and window abutments. Due to the flush assembly of the photovoltaic modules and ALUCOBOND« composite panels, an even surface is obtained. No matter whether you want to create a contrast or a unit, the combination of both materials enables optical variations in the design of the fašade structure, despite the specified size of the modules.

Areas with good exposure to the sun can be fitted with photovoltaic modules, whereas shaded areas or those that are not optimally directed towards the sunlight can be fitted with ALUCOBOND« composite panels. The extensive range of colours and surfaces offers countless alternatives for fašade design.

Surprisingly simple assembly for fašade designers
The ALUCOBOND« photovoltaic modules are mounted on the same substructures as the ALUCOBOND« composite panels and simply joined with prefabricated plug-in cables. In this way, the entire fašade is clad in an economical and technically easy way, in one operating procedure.

Attractive investment for building owners
ALUCOBOND« photovoltaic is available in two module types: The elegant, homogeneously colored, CIGS Thin Film Module is the right choice for a sophisticated, aesthetic, architectural style. The technology applied for the monocrystalline module with its optimized performance, offers the highest efficiency available today. Both module variations have an individually optimized ALUCOBOND« photovoltaic system that easily enables decisive factors such as the location, orientation, shadow and rear-ventilation to be included.

As with all ALUCOBOND« products, building owners, architects and fašade designers can also rely on high system competence, quality 'made in Germany' and professional customer service, long-term, with ALUCOBOND« photovoltaic. As a result of the cooperation between Alcan and HaWi Energietechnik, not only 40 years' competence in architecture and fašade-design bundled with system know-how have gone into ALUCOBOND« photovoltaic, but also state-of-the-art expert knowledge in power engineering. As one of the leading German enterprises for photovoltaic systems, HaWi offers more than 25 years' experience and is present throughout Europe.

ALUCOBOND« is the world market leader for aluminium composite panels. Since their introduction on the market in 1969, these panels have been used above all in architecture and for corporate identity programmes, particularly for fašades, wall cladding and roof-edging. The panels are outstanding due to their extreme evenness and rigidity, their low weight, excellent formability, weather resistance and simple further processing possibilities and are available in a large variety of colours and in the most differing designs.

ALUCOBOND« panels are also available in large sheet sizes and with a highly flame-resistant or non-combustible core. During the last 40 years, over 130,000,000 m2 of panelling have been applied in architectural projects on all the continents. The brand ALUCOBOND« is produced at the Alcan Composites factories in Singen, Germany, Benton in USA, Shanghai in the People's Republic of China and in Khopoli, India.